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Mails I get in my dreams

Posted in dreams, log on September 27, 2012 by isidor

“Dear Matteo,

Do you really expect me to get back to you when you can’t even show up on time, twice? And when you do show up, it’s dressed like a British explorer, just add a pith helmet and tad-dah! There you go. Besides, I’m waaay out of your league. Why did I even bother posting that ad? God knows. I should’ve expected this.

The cute AND smart Japanese girl from Craigslist you won’t ever see again”

That didn’t go down too well.


All the things I don’t know about Montreal

Posted in log on September 15, 2012 by isidor

Before I had even realized it, I had landed in a place I had not given not much though to ever before. Out of all places, I would not have imagined myself to be here. But here I am. So, how do you familiarize yourself with a place you know nothing about? Not even from movies, because frankly, I’m not sure I’ve ever even heard of a Canadian movie, or book, the only exception being Douglas Coupland.
Now, considering I really don’t know where to start, I will do a stupid thing and list all the little details that do not really matter, until I shall be able to figure out what this place and its people are all about. Perhaps from the little details something else may emerge.

– Québec is a bit like France, but in America.
– However, cheese and wine are very expensive. Meat and fish are not.
– People seem very cheerful and informal most of the time. They also are nice to me.
– Their métro runs on rubber wheels, not steel. It does not have air conditioning.
– Immigration policies are very strict, but there is little bureaucracy for many other things.
– Bread only seems to be available pre-cut, unless it is a baguette.
– Their ambulances and police cars have silly sounding sirens. They are also coloured in bright colours. This does not confer them a very sombre image.
– They are the only people in the world to have the red ‘Arrêt’ sign. Even the French use ‘STOP’.
– Their national unofficial fast food dish is Poutine, essentially a heart damaging monolith composed of fries, cheese and gravy, to which custom additions may be made.
– The streets are clean, and despite Montreal having 1.5 million inhabitants, it seems very peaceful and not chaotic at all.
– They love automatic doors. I learned this at my expense,  looking like an idiot two or three times by trying to close doors that would have done so without my help.

And this is what I know so far.