Birth of Europe

Europa nel mondo antico

Another review; the book is The Birth of Classical Europe. Mashup of conventional symbolism and one tiny fascist trying to run away with all the burden of classical culture.

In the mean time, I’ve been busy working on more pieces for my in-progress game Titus the explorer. As well as having to wait a whole month for a job interview to come through, without even knowing if I am the “right” person or not. Curiously enough, having a job helps me work out my timelines. These days I’m just being a potato, waiting for important e-mails to come through. Hate hate hate. Waking up and your mind is empty, you don’t know what to do and you waste your time. No motivation and plenty of time to think about how you’re not meeting the standards you set for yourself. Better go back to study. At least Japanese is good for the purpose of mechanical study, all these new sounds fill the space of these empty days..


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