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Catching up with time (and dreams).

Posted in log, polyphasic sleep on June 25, 2012 by isidor

A month spent looking through classified job ads, waiting on phone calls and e-mails took its toll on me; it wasn’t just that I couldn’t fall back (going back home without a job was not an option, for my own sake), but having to face self-proclaimed industry leaders, top-of-the-line managers who provided services to managers who in turn assisted other businesses, putting up the façade of the ambitious young man, when in reality one just wants to do his job (and do it well), and doesn’t need free gym entry and mall discounts, for a position that entails answering the phone (not designing a spaceship!), all this and the huge emptyness that lies behind the smiling image of a multicultural, multicolour, multifake corporate environment, this is what drained my will. The best I could do was to go out and read and ponder on the thoroughly impressive Evolution in four dimensions in Putney Heath, thank god for the wonderful park over there.
And I haven’t even started working!

All is well, however. Having two spare months is good; I only need the discipline to organise my time in order to be productive, as this is not a chance I might get often in the future. This is the main reason I am writing this: to check on myself and to keep a record on the polyphasic sleeping pattern I have just undertaken.

Edit: removed because I am a lazy bastard; I should have expected it, I can’t really put up with this for longer than a week. I will have to try again, but perhaps for shorter periods.  Still, the motivation I got out of it for those few days was really good.